Dr. Daniela Kietzmann Anesthesiologist

Ms. Maria Beil Anesthetic Nurse

Mr. Andrea Mchela Anesthetic Nurse (Newala)

Dr. Daniel Tilkorn Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Janis Perialis Plastic Surgeon

Local Staff

Dr. Onesimo Intern

Mr. Christopher For the OT-Nurses

Ms. Barbara Kamundi For the Ward-Nurses

Dr. Daniela Kietzmann had arrived in Ndanda a week before the camp started and, working together with the OT-Nurses, made sure that the machines for anesthesia and all needed equipment was in place and the operating theatres were ready for the camp.

Dr. Daniel Tilkorn and myself arrived in Dar in the early hours of September 17th and after getting our Visas just checked in for the next flight to Mtwara.

As in the previous year the car from Ndanda was already at the airport and we had a good and uneventful drive to the Mission.

At this place a big thank you for the welcome meal as well as for all the ones that followed and for the comfortable accommodation.

Ms. Maria Beil joined us two days later on September 19th.

Mr. Edgar Nanyambe had already arranged for patients to come and we started with the screening on the same afternoon. The numbers of patients were not as high as in the previous year but the selection was much better.

On this day and during the following days we saw 62 patients. Operations were performed on 41 patients between September 18th-29th.

The ones who were NOT operated, were mostly patients with keloids (for whom triamcinolon injections were arranged), children with clefts or other congenital malformation, who were too small for repair operations and a few patients, whose condition was not likely to improve with an operation. Explanations were given to all of them and some were asked to come back next year.

We tried to perform the operations within the normal working hours of the hospital and to avoid overburdening the staff.

Ward rounds were done at 7.30 am and then again after finishing with the procedures in OT, normally at 4 to 5 pm.

A lot of time was spent for dressings, esp. for the children who needed anaesthesia or sedation.

A few patients came to the hospital as emergencies and their treatment was done in good cooperation with the surgical wards.

For example, a man attacked by robbers in his field, who suffered severe wounds on his face and arm, or the poor lady, who was badly injured by a hippopotamus . And the girl with extensive burns on abdomen, groins and thighs, by whom, after intensive cleaning of the infected wounds, skin grafting was performed.

It was a real joy for us to see again “old friends” from the previous year.

Wanda, a 12 y. old girl with severe post burn contractures of both elbows and dorsal wrists as well as face. This time we released the L elbow and L wrist and covered the back of the hand with an abdominal flap. It was very nice to see, how Wanda herself and her life has changed during the past year. A new confidence, a big smile and she had started school.

Dr. Patrick performed the separation of the flap. Many thanks to Dr. Patrick for this and all the other things you completed after we had left.

Faidhi, a 12y old boy with a very dedicated father, has a similar story. He came last year with severe burn scars of the face. We grafted the upper and lower lids on both sides and released the lower lip, which was stuck on his chin. There was a big improvement and we continued with a release of the anterior neck and corrected part of the lids, which had contracted.

A challenge was a lady with a defect of the nose after human bite. Though the operation is a “small” one (Reconstruction of the nostril with a part of the ear as a compound graft) it is risky and needs a lot of attention. Everything went well and we are thankful.

There were no major complications during the camp or later, according to the reports we receive . We have many reasons to thank God for all the good healing and the protection of our patients and also for his guidance during the operations and the rest of the treatment.

Many thanks belong to the people of Ndanda for their participation and help in many ways.

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We had wonderful food between the operations prepared by Sr. Emmanuela and her team from the nursing school.

Ms. Barbara Kamundi was again the “mother” of our patients in Ward 11. She and her team took good care of them and she was there even when we came late for a round.

The OT nurses and the people in the sterilisation did a great job. We know, that it is not easy to adapt to the “visitors” with their different ways and sometimes with strange ideas. The “jungle juice” (adrenaline solution)and the locally produced vaseline gauze were valuable items and used for almost every single operation.

Dr Patrick kindly took over the work, we left behind in spite of his many responsibilities.

Dr Shayo joint the team for some operations, when he was free.

It was great to have again Mr. Andrea Mchela from Newala in the team. His experience in anaesthesia esp. with children was of great benefit for our patients.

Dr. Jesaja and Dr. Haverkamp helped in many ways organising things and giving valuable advice.

Last but not least we want to thank Dr Onesimo, intern in the surgical department. It was a privilege and a pleasure to work with him during the camp and he continued the good work, looking after the patients and doing the dressings after we left.

He was always available in the OT and the ward, did a lot of the logistics and the paper work, was a capable assistant in the Theatre, did a lot of dressings and made sure that every patient had his prescription and received his medication.

He used a lot of his time and energy and contributed a lot to the work of the team. I believe it will be very beneficial for the hospital, if he can continue his work there. For us it will be a joy to meet him again in the next camp.

Dr. Tilkorn had a constructive discussion with Fr. Fabian esp. about the way of collecting and screening of patients during the whole year.

And something personal.

My “old back” had been bothering me for long time. It is much better now after my stay in Ndanda. Perhaps there are some “healing qualities” in the water of the lake on the hill or on the way to it. I enjoyed them in my spare time and am very thankful.

Many thanks again for the welcome and the hospitality.

Mungu awabariki.

In the name of the whole Team

Janis Perialis, October 2018